Rehearsal Dinner (30 December 2010)

I'm very sorry, but there is limited space and the rehearsal dinner is by invitation only.

After-party (30 December 2010)

Following the rehearsal dinner, we would like to be able to spend some time with guests who are already in town:

Girls Night! No Boys Allowed!  Veets Bar & Grill (66 South Royal Street) will be the location for Girls’ Night. There is no cover charge, but plenty of food and drink! Girls only please, so we can relax without worrying about those pesky men in our lives!

Boys Night! No Girls Allowed!  Adam has requested a Casino Night out with the guys. Tentatively, any guy interested in going casino-hopping with Adam should meet him and his groomsmen at the American Cafe at 9:30pm. Seriously, no girls allowed, as we probably don't even want to know what the guys will be up to!

Wedding!!! (31 December 2010)

The ceremony is scheduled to begin promptly at 8pm at the Robertson Gallery. Arrive a few minutes early to get a glass of wine before it begins.
The reception (with light hors d'oeuvres) will follow in the same location. The plan is to party until the midnight countdown with a champagne toast.

Breakfast (1 January 2011)

Please join us for continental breakfast at the Hampton Inn Downtown between 9 and 9:30 (food gets cleaned up at 10).

Anyone coming to Girls/Guys Night will be on your own, as far as rooms, food/drink costs, etc. Sorry for the inconvenience, but thank you for joining us!