You may be asking yourself, "What should I do to prepare for this wedding?" Well, here's what I am going to suggest:

1) Go ahead and erase whatever else you had penciled in on your calendar for 12-31-2010, and use a thick red marker to write in "Ginny & Adam's Wedding".

2) If you think of any songs you would like to hear, log on to our DJ's website ( Enter the date of our wedding (12-31-2010) and the password (velazquez). From there you may request songs that you would like to hear at our party! (Keep in mind, we have the right to veto songs...)

3) Leave a comment on our guestbook

4) Wait to receive the invitation packet (probably going out mid-Autumn). In it will be a postcard RSVP. The front side of the RSVP postcard is blank. That's because we want you to contribute to our wedding/planning scrapbook by drawing or writing on the other side of the postcard. Draw a picture of something fun that you think we would like to include in our scrapbook (you and your family, how you envision our future, etc). Or write a piece of advice, a memorable quote, or a memory. No rules, just have fun and be creative.
FYI: Sharpies or other permanent markers will probably do best since the postcard will have a glossy finish.

5) Come to Mobile for our wedding, and enjoy! (In the meantime, maybe start thinking about what song you will want to sing in karaoke.)